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We believe the success of a project is defined early on. We listen and analyze your idea to help better define and hone it. This will become the vision statement, which guides the whole project.


Open communications and back and forth collaboration with our clients enable business logic and unspoken requirements to surface and be noted. Our team blends design, development, and technological skills with your business experience to arrive at the best solution.


Design is more than a set of graphic elements. It’s the process of solving a problem. This requires planning, research and strategizing. We then create wire frames and visual mock-ups.


We then take the final mock-ups and turn them into partially functional prototypes that allow us to gain feedback as we progress through the coding process. Upon the completion and approval of all design components, our development team gets to do what they do best; code.


Once all functionality is implemented, we move into testing. We test, retest and test again to make sure everything functions and is up to our high standards. Based on scope, all projects end with strict reviews.


As soon as everything is perfect, we can release your App! Now it's time to sit back and relax.

Our Services

  • iPhone & iPad App Design & Development
  • Senior Level iOS Development
  • iOS Code Architecture and Design
  • Mobile Project Management
  • Expertise in all major Apple frameworks
    • In-App Purchasing
    • Location Services
    • Push Notifications
    • Audio and Video
    • Core Data
    • Core Animation
    • Strong UIKit skills

Dream team

  • Patricia Dumontier View Patricia Dumontier's LinkedIn profile
  • Nunzio Fortugno View Nunzio Fortugno's LinkedIn profile
  • Jeff Kitura

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